The comprehensive support for your Buddhist meditation practice

Current Version 9.3

Listen to the gong
Just click and sit
The app on your iPhone or other iOS device providing an enhanced timer for your meditation practice: one hour in the morning, 45 minutes in the evening.
Starting and ending times will be marked by the most beautiful chime of a Tibetan bowl made of the seven metals.
Vibrations allow really silent meditations when in locations where even beautiful sounds like tibetan bowls ringing are not accepted.

The fixed times, coming directly from the Forest school in the Buddhist Theravadin tradition, serve to give a fixed frame that, day by day, tends to provide a stable support for the mind in its jumping from branch to branch at the research of always newer experiences promising a lasting satisfaction but never granting one, according to the instructions being given long ago by Lord Buddha.

Yet followers of other traditions, as well as beginners or experts, may separately set the
morning and evening Pujas from one minute to two hours and hold extra meditations without modifying the Puja values. Beginners and lone meditators may also activate regular gongs in the course of their sessions by selecting their timing, while group of people may stream the gongs to an Airplay™ enabled devices.

Moreover relaxing music, dhamma talks or other suitable material from your iTunes library may also be played in the meditation time, automatically setting its duration to the total time of the tunes.

In order to help setting a beneficial routine, meditation periods will be automatically (upon the user's consent and
the fixing of an Apple bug already reported) saved on the calendar and so synchronized by iCloud™ on all your devices.